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Is writing your passion? Do you really enjoy writing or keep pouring your thoughts onto your keyboard, then the best way to make some money is by taking creative writing jobs. Earning money by writing is not as difficult as one thinks. You can make consistent recurring income from creative writing by making it your career.

What are Creative Writing Jobs?

These writings are different, special, interesting and innovative and not something which you regularly find on the internet. The writer normally has a passion and talent, and a specific style, rhythm and touches which makes this kind of literature distinct from the others. They can be a novel, a story, an interview or anything. Even technical writing can be made into interesting creative writing. Creative writings are a product of simple and successful ordinary writings.

To start with Creative Writing….

Creative writing is not an Art, but rather a Science; one can develop this talent by systematically following certain good proven practices. It really needs a lot of involvement. These types of writers are required for some online jobs or for journalism. To understand creative writing better one has to read a good collection of creative writings.

You can find some interesting samples from the links below:

There is absolutely no perfect creative writing, you cannot measure it. Every writing is unique both in terms of style and content.

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master” – Ernest Hemingway

There are many people who are hungry looking for creative writers. The best way to start is to create your first work and send it to the website or magazine you intend to work with.

To follow on

Practice makes a man perfect. A simple way to master your writing skill is reading and writing regularly as much as possible. The more you read and start writing interesting content you can tremendously improve your writing skill. There may be a time when your brain goes into a creative mode. It is that time when you write and the words, ideas and topics flow naturally. There may be times during the day when you have a mental block and it is best to avoid those times. The best idea is to write in your time zone.

You have to try out different styles and check with your friends, relatives and your well wisher. You can even check with your employer to know exactly which one best suits you. You may even post your writing on websites and get back feedback from your readers. By doing these you will know which one works best for you. It is best to apply for an entry level creative writing jobs which is good for entry writer jobs.

You can go to Elance.Com and find a job which caters to you. It is a hub for freelancers and you can write your content and even make money.

Write with flair and make some money too

It is possible to make money from Creative Writing jobs but it is not that easy as one thinks. You can work from home writing articles and there are innumerable opportunities available in today’s world through internet for freelancers. A terribly dry and useless topic can be made extremely interesting by adding some creative flavor to it. There are many writers who make good amount of money from writing using their talent.

Process of Creative Writing

There generally is a writing process, which is followed when writing.

  • Construct Outline and Brainstorm
  • Do thorough research
  • Write your Draft Content
  • Proof read
  • Publish your content

Though this is the overall outline of the process which is implemented when writing anything, ideas and thoughts are not something which might flow naturally. It depends on one’s mood, the topic and some amount of motivation to do it. Again the process of creative writing may depend upon one project to another, like when writing for children the process may be different than one adopted for a blog post.

Interesting Career List for Creative Writing

  • Blogger
  • Advertising (Jingle)
  • Novelist
  • Writing Coach
  • Screen Writer
  • Journalist
  • Play writer
  • Travel Writer
  • Fiction Writer
  • Article Writer

The list can go long and every word which needs to touch the heart of the reader and give a long lasting impact can fall in the category of creative writing.

Develop your own Rhythm and Style

There are indeed numerous online creative writing jobs available on the internet and opportunities are infinity, which means your topic will never get dried up. Also you can earn good money from creative writing careers salary.

If you trust yourself and develop your own rhythm and style then an ordinary idea can emanate into a masterpiece. Develop your own process and give a pinch of style to it then there are abundant creative writing jobs available online.

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