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Looking for Freelance Copy Editor Jobs? You may be missing some!

Copy Editing Jobs Online

Freelance Copy Editor Jobs

A content need to be proof read, edited before it gets published to look more professional and interesting and in this regard copy editor jobs are very critical and responsible and need to read the content and edit it from all possible ways to make it meaningful.  This editor will have a set of rules by which he will filter, modify and fine-tune the content so it can be made available for printing or publishing.

Some of the important aspects to be seen in a copy editor jobs are as follows:-


Freelance copy editor jobs are interaction through a computer and may not be really aware of the platform where it is going to be published.  Copy editor from home do not really understand this.  An example is, a content which is to be published on print media need to be different from one going to get published on a Blog. The Editor needs to be careful that the content is in-line with the platform policy.  There are different styles or tones need to be adopted when creating a content for Blog, e-zines, websites etc.  A blog post will be written in more friendly style against a press release which will be in a professional style. Correct tone and style need to be adhered based on the platform in which the content is published.


A copy editor also needs to ensure that the content which he edits and publishes over a period of time needs to be consistent. Consistency here refers to various things. It refers to the frequency, color, language and branding and many other such things. A subscriber or reader should immediately be able to identify the content based on its consistency that it belongs to a particular company or author etc. That shows how good the editor has worked.

The copy editor jobs starts where the copy writer jobs end. There may be many content writers who adopt different style and rhythm of writing.  These have to be carefully edited, and to be made consistent.  Consistency followed in edited contents will go a long way in improving the Brand image of the Company.


Goal is the purpose, vision or the intent of the publisher when they are promoting their product. At a broader level a company will have an underlying goal in all the content which they publish. These are like dots.  These dots connect to the overall objectives of the Company. A copy editor job is to ensure he understands the Company goal very clearly and should embed this when he does his editorial work. This has to be translated into the other factors like consistency, rhythm and style.

Copy editor jobs are very responsible and more than what a proof reader does.  Getting an entry level copy editor jobs are easy as there are many online sites which offer professional courses which can help to improve your editorial skills. One such site which has a great authority course is Copyblogger.Com.  One has to develop their skill and talent and should build a portfolio so that it is easy to share the same when looking out for a job. Reading a good edited article should result in an everlasting satisfaction in the mind of readers.

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