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Making A Living With Real Writing Jobs

For many aspiring writers finding real writing jobs that can actually pay their bills remains a challenge that they struggle to meet. The main reason for this is that many people who want to work full time as a writer don’t know where to find writing jobs. They also don’t realize that becoming a writer takes a lot of hard work and dedication to their craft. But remember you shouldn’t get discouraged.

After all if becoming a full time writer was easy then everyone would be doing it. Instead of giving up on your dream you need to take the time to learn about the different ways that you can make money as a writer. The good news is that with the online world so prevalent in our lives now the number of writing opportunities that they internet provides continues to grow every day. What you need to do is explore these opportunities so that you can find the right writing jobs for you.

The First Step Is Mastering Your Craft

So you want to become a writer? It’s a great career that can be very financially rewarding. However before you start making plans on how you are going to spend the money you are going to make you need to get a few things in order first. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have mastered the art of writing before you start trying to make a living from it.

This means learning about the many different styles of writing, and above all else mastering grammar. You need to learn to write compelling stories and learn that using words in the right way can enable you to paint a vivid picture for an audience. Once you have mastered the art of writing the, and only then, can you turn your attention toward trying to make a living from it.

Real Writing Jobs That Pay Quickly

The first type of writing jobs that you should learn about are the ones that pay fairly quickly. These are important because they give you the ability to earn money in a fairly short amount of time. The main drawback of these types of jobs is that they don’t always pay a lot of money. However if you need to make money quickly, then picking up a few of these jobs can be a real life saver.  There are many real writing jobs websites on the internet where you can find tons of requirements.

Basically the types of jobs that you find in this category generally involve you being what is called a ghost writer. As a ghost writer a client pays you to provide them with content of some type, and then they put their name on it and use it for their own purposes. In many cases clients will be looking for content to put on their sites because they work as an affiliate marketer. In other cases clients may even contract you to write an eBook for them.

There are several positives to remember if you are thinking about working as a ghost writer in this way. First, you can usually make money fairly quickly. Second if you may be able to build a good relationship with your client and find steady work this way. However there are drawbacks as well.

The first drawback is that ghost-writing jobs generally don’t pay as much money as other writing jobs. The other drawback as a ghost-writer is that you don’t get to publish any work under your name, which means that you don’t get credit for your work. This works against you since it makes it hard to build up a portfolio of work. As a ghost-writer you are expected to take your money and then simply walk away.

This means that you can’t take credit for your work which makes providing samples of your writing to potential future clients difficult. After all you can’t show a potential client something you have written for another client without undermining the trust that they have in you. They certainly wouldn’t want you taking credit in the future for work that you do for them now would they?

Writing Jobs That Provide Long Term Financial Incentives

If you are looking for a longer term solution as a writer you should consider writing eBooks under your own name. These are real writing jobs. With electronic publishing it’s easier than ever before to become a published author. By focusing on writing and selling short eBooks on a wide range of subjects you can build up a library of eBooks. This will continue to make you money forever. Once you get them listed on a distributor’s website you can continue to sell each eBook that you write forever.  You may also need to review if they are scam by searching on google with keyword as my writing job scam.

While you may not make a lot of money per book the point is that the work you do now will continue to earn you money in the future. For example if you write an eBook that you sell for $1.00, and you sell ten copies a month’s you will be earning $10 a month from it. It is not very much. However if you continue to follow this formula and write one book per week then after a month you will be making $40 from your writing. After a year you will be making $480 a month, and after two years almost $1,000 per month.

I’m sure you can see that there is the potential for a lot of earnings if you continue to put out new eBooks on a regular basis. The big downside to this approach is that you aren’t going to make much money until you have committed a substantial amount of time to your writing. However if you are willing to put in the work then in as little as four or five years you could be earning a full time living from your writing. These in true sense are real writing jobs and can make substantial income.

Just remember that you have to stick to it and keep your eye on the big picture. It can be hard at times, but as you begin to see more and more money coming in from your writing it should become easier to remain focused. Becoming a full time writer can be challenging, but the personal and financial rewards will make your efforts worth it.